About me

If you are sweating or having a panic attack while you think about negative inversion, essay writing and past participles, you have come to the right place.

I teach English online to students just like you. I help them pass their exams and achieve their dreams.

I definitely have some great tips and tricks to help you pass. However, I don’t have any magic spells (sorry!). You will put in hard work and motivation and I will give you the tools and skills you need to pass successfully.


Where did you study?

I have a masters in Japanese Literature from Oxford University. When I say this, people usually ask me two things.

  1. Do you mean the Oxford University? Yes, that one. So exams are like my best friends – I know exactly how to study efficiently!
  2. Why did you study Japanese literature? Why not? It was really fun. And Japanese authors have crazy and awesome ideas.

What kind of experience do you have?

The kind that produces successful results and happy students.

I’ve taught for over 7 years now so I’ve been collecting tips and tricks to help students for a long time.

I first started teaching at a tuition centre in London (my hometown!). Then, I moved to Oxford and taught at a highly-rated English language school there.

Can you really help me?

It depends.

If you are here looking for an easy way to pass the exam, then you are in the wrong place. I am sorry. 

There are many teachers who sell courses and lessons with false promises. I don’t do that.

I require my students to be motivated and hard working. Without that, you simply cannot pass a high-level exam like the FCE or IELTS.

Passing an English exam is very similar to running a marathon.

There are no trainers in the world who can get you into shape for a long run in a few days or weeks. If they promise that they can, they are lying.

Some trainers will do a lazy job. They will tell you to see them everyday for 3 years. You put in some effort but your progress is just too slow.

The best trainers will train you efficiently. They will assess your strengths and weaknesses and find the best methods to get you into your best shape in the quickest and most beneficial way possible. You have to put in an insane amount of effort. But eventually, your hard work pays off – big time!

I am not a marathon trainer – in fact, I can barely run 5k without crying. However, I’m definitely someone who can help you succeed in your English learning marathon.

“If you say third conditional one more time, I will leave and never come back.”


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I would like to say that Anu is the perfect teacher if you want to improve your English. I remembered when I met her, I was quite scared but after 2 minutes speaking with her, she knew what I wanted do and how to get it. She helped me a lot in order to get my First Certificate in English. Thanks you very much!

Pepe Rodriguez, Review on Facebook